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Farmers Market Season | How to Know What's In-Season

In Montgomery County, MD, we are lucky to have access to farm fresh fruits and veggies all year round at the indoor Dutch Amish Market in Germantown (read more about it HERE), but once the weather warms up in the Spring and Summer you can find me getting my shopping and Vitamin D on at one of the outdoor markets instead.

To save big at your local Farmer's Market, buy products at the peak of their season. In-season produce is usually better tasting, more affordable and contains more nutrients compared to produce that is shipped from a far away location.

Use These 3 Helpful Tools To Determine What Is In-Season

1. In Maryland, my go-to is THIS helpful guide from the Maryland Best program managed by the Maryland Department of Agriculture. Check which months your favorites are in-harvest in green. I always keep a copy handy when I am headed to my local market. I am really excited for next month when blueberries are in-season! We are close to a local farm that has some of the best pick your own options.

2. If you are not in Maryland, check THIS page from the Natural Resources Defense Council to see what is in season by state, month, and food type. One of the ways we try to save when we travel is by opting for hotels that have a kitchen/kitchenette. We try to make one meal at the hotel each day (usually breakfast) to keep our food budget down so we can splurge on adventure/entertainment. Some of our favorite places to visit have some great markets, so this website is convenient to check what's in-season when we are shopping while out of town.

3. Have you heard the term "locavore"? A locavore is a person who eats foods grown locally whenever possible. Well lucky for all of the locavores of the world, there is an app named after them! The free app, Locavore, will show you what is in season and which local farmers markets carry what is on your shopping list.

There are thousands of farmers markets across our states and none are exactly alike. While your local farmers market may be different than mine, I hope you take advantage of the benefits and enjoy the fresh produce.

So next time you go shopping, get outside and get into nature! Many local markets, farms and orchards offer activities you can enjoy outside with the whole family - from strawberry picking to picking your own flowers, you could spend the whole day exploring the outdoors and come home with a basket of fresh produce.

For my fellow Montgomery County residents, click HERE to search for a local Farmer's Market near you in Montgomery County, MD. There is an awesome interactive map that will find all of the Farmer's Markets in your area.

Do you have a favorite seasonal fruit or vegetable? Do you support your local farmers by buying local when possible? I love exploring new places, so I'd love to hear about your favorite market and what to look for at my next visit.



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