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Non-Toxic Safe Product Swap Recommendations


Over the past several years, I have become more concerned about what products/chemicals I am using on my skin and in my home.  Unfortunately, it seems that more and more of us have a family member or friend who has fought a battle with cancer or infertility or auto-immune disease. All three of these hit very close to me and after researching about the effects that all of the toxic chemicals in our skincare, beauty, home-cleaning products have on us - I decided to make the swap to safer products. 

Making the switch to safer did not happen overnight.  It's definitely more expensive, so I had to slowly replace household and beauty items over time.  It was difficult because any time I read an article with all the scary statistics - I wanted to replace everything right then and there, but it just wasn't in my budget to do so. 


Small changes add up!  First, visit the EWG Skin Deep database to check your favorite and most used skincare, beauty, and household cleaners.  You will be shocked at how toxic some of your favorite every day products are.  I recommend replacing a few of the most toxic products first and then slowly replacing your other products with safer alternatives over time. 

I was overwhelmed when I began my journey to safer and wished that I had a one-stop resource.  So, I thought it would be helpful for me to share how I made the swap on common products in my home.  Below, I am listing all of my favorite clean-swap recommendations for some of my favorite products and brands.  I hope it helps you!   If you make a purchase using one of these links, I will earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you!), which helps fund this website.  Thank you in advance! 


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