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Why I Switched to Safer Beauty | Beautycounter

For me, the reasons I began using Beautycounter products, and ultimately becoming a Beautycounter consultant, are very personal. They result from my struggle with autoimmune disease and infertility & miscarriages. After numerous failed fertility treatments, and subsequently having my first miscarriage after our first successful treatment, I naturally started to look for anything I could do to improve our odds. It was then, that I started to become more aware of what I was putting in my body.

Before resuming treatments after our first miscarriage, I asked my fertility doctor about the likelihood of a correlation between fertility treatments/medications to my Aunt's uterine sarcoma and he confirmed my worst fears. These treatments DO pose the threat of causing cancer, but he also said that a women's odds of having cancer increase by not having a baby, too.

I left that appointment with a goal to become healthier. I started eating more wholesome foods and walking more. I began researching and found that many of the ingredients in my every day skincare routine were potentially harmful for pregnancy or while trying to conceive. Yikes! As if the fertility medications contributing to possible cancer weren't reasons enough for me to make a change. Scary! I immediately stopped using the anti-aging products and acid peels I was using. My new philosophy was if it wasn't good for me or a future baby, I refused to put it on my body.

Then, came the excitement of trying new all natural green beauty products. What girl doesn't like to try new skincare and make up, right?! Only it wasn't fun at all. I tried every safe beauty brand at Whole Foods, along with shampoos and hair styling products, and wasn't finding anything that performed as well as my old department store products. I have REALLY dry skin, and even in the summer months nothing I tried was as hydrating as my old toxic products.

After complaining to a girlfriend about my skin, she recommended that I contact an old college friend of minr who was selling safer beauty and makeup products through Beautycounter. She told me she had purchased from her and loved the mascara, lip sheers, and suncare line, so I looked into it. When I learned that there was a 60 day no questions asked return policy, I thought what's there to lose?!

I began using the Beautycounter nourishing line and their face oil and it was the answer I was looking for! My skin once again looked radiant and plump. I hit the jackpot - Beautycounter improved my skin all while using SAFER products!

As I gear up for our last round of fertility treatments sometime in 2018 (PRAYING that we are successful this time!), it is even more important to me to continue to use safer products. Statistics have shown that several endocrine-disrupting chemicals have been identified which can affect female and male infertility and cause miscarriages. See my post Trying to Conceive? Avoid These 10 Toxic Ingredients for more information.

Did you know that it only takes 26 seconds for chemicals in your personal care products to enter your bloodstream?!

Let me give you the lowdown. The last time Congress passed a law regulating the cosmetic industry was in 1938.

Europe bans over 1400 ingredients and Canada has banned over 600, but there are only 11 ingredients currently banned in the United States. Crazy!

Fortunately, Beautycounter has banned over 1,500 potentially harmful ingredients in all products. You can learn more about those ingredients on Beautycounter's Never List. Another reason I love Beautycounter, it takes all the research and guess work out of it. You always know what you are putting on your body is safe and also pregnancy friendly.

Beautycounter is a MOVEMENT! The goal is to get safer products in the hands of everyone. I am sharing my personal feelings and journey with you in hopes that you will make some changes in the beauty products you use as well. I am not telling you to throw out everything, but small changes in the things we are putting on our bodies can make a HUGE difference.


Get Involved!

Shop for Safer Products!

Start by checking your product's ingredients list in the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep database. Then start switching your skincare and makeup products to safer products. Need help color matching? Just email me so I can help. There’s a 60-day return policy on all products, even used products, so if you decide something isn’t right for you, you will get a 100% refund.

Become a Band of Beauty Member

A Beautycounter Band of Beauty Member is a client who gains special privileges after joining the yearly membership program. I highly suggest becoming a member because your product credit can easily add up to get a free product with your next order!

For an annual fee of $29, you receive the following benefits:

  • Free full-size product when you sign up & place an order with a $50 minimum (free gift changes every month!)

  • Free shipping on orders over $100

  • 15% product credit on all orders to use on future purchases – this adds up fast!

  • Special deals throughout the year for members only

Become a Consultant

Are you interested in joining my team to share your passion for non-toxic skincare, makeup, and personal care products with your family, friends, and community? Beautycounter consultants come from all walks of life. What we have in common is the drive to build a business for ourselves that makes a positive impact in our piece of the world.

We are a direct retail company. Beautycounter consultants are essentially the middle women for getting safer products in the hands of everyone. This helps keep product costs lower & ensures the education piece of the movement stays intact.

By joining as a consultant on my team, you'll get:

  • Personal mentorship by myself and our Managing Directors to help you grow and succeed. You'll have access to a fabulous group of women from all over the country, with likeminded goals and tips to share.

  • 25% discount on all Beautycounter products, as well as 40-50% discount on several starter kits at your consultant enrollment

  • The ability to grow your business at your own pace and be part of a hugely successful and growing movement.


My switch to safer started with skincare, but over the past year I have changed to safer options in other areas, too. I have swapped out haircare, laundry and dishwashing detergents, home and bathroom cleaners, deodorants, etc... which I'll be sharing the details of in future posts.

Tomorrow, I'll be posting Part 2 where I will share my favorite Beautycounter products so that you can get a sense of the must-haves of the collection. I have never used this many products from just one brand before, so I am excited to share my personal recommendations with you.

Thank you so much for your support! I’m incredibly excited to be a part of this company and to share it with you. I’ve added a Beautycounter page to the menu at the top of the blog for easy access to my Beautycounter consultant page and more information about the company if you want to take a peek!



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